Sunday, 23 September 2012

Seed Dropper Home School Network Radioshow

Raahub Yasar

This show was just recommended by another inspirational homeschooling sister Khepera Ma'at on facebook who you can find at . The show is almost 3hrs, but the first hours was most focused on homeschooling. It says it was a A-Z on how to start a homeschool, I think it was a bit general, but did share some good viewpoints and definitely made you realized that it is possible and important to teach our own children.

Click here to listen now on Blogtalk Radio - Seed Dropper Home School Network 09/15 by UHURU NATION X REAL TALK RADIO | Blog Talk Radio

Here are the points that struck me most from this recording:
 * Firstly, at 2hours 2mins - the brother James mentions our master teacher Paa Nabab Yaanun and how our Nuwaupian nation successfully separated ourselves from a system that didn't serve us so we could build our community together.

During the first hour in the homeschooling section they spoke about:
*  Many of us use school as daycare to get rid of our children for 8hrs a day
* The schools are really just preparing our children to enter the prison system, schools are decorated the same as prisons
* Our children are locked in the school, they can't get out and parents can't get in unless they unlock the door for us.
* One parent was told by her childs school that she had to make an appointment 24hrs before they want to visit their child at school
* Our children would be better off at home pretty much doing nothing rather than send them to school to be indoctrinated
* Black women have to lose the fear of not being able to do it because we already have everything we need to teach our children
* Black mothers need to come together so we can look after our children together
* The sisters shared what they did in their homes with their children and how to get started.
* To get started you should find out what your state requirements are (US based show by the way) to start  homeschooling.
* If the state laws don't suit your needs or they are too strict for you, get up and move to another state - we are not trees, we can move, we own the whole earth!!! (I loved this)
* The only reason they make children sit SATs is to see how indoctrinated they are, the higher the grade, the more successful the system has been at indoctrinated you.
* Teaching our children a trade is very important so that our children can come back and help build and rebuild our society - it's a shame that we can't build our own homes.
* Growing our own food and making sure our diet is right is very important to our community too.

So check it our now at - Seed Dropper Home School Network 09/15 by UHURU NATION X REAL TALK RADIO | Blog Talk Radio

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Mut Bast,tet En Re

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